Holiday 2018 Collection

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A. Cocoa Dusted French Truffles

5-piece mini: $7.00
3.5oz box: $12.00
8.5oz box: $20.00

With your first taste you'll know why this cocoa dusted French truffle is our most requested item to give as a gift or for your own personal stash. Milk and dark chocolate lovers agree these morsels are satisfying and delicious.

B. Classic Bon Bon Assortment

6-piece: $17.00
12-piece: $35.00

Carefully selected morsels from renowned chocolatiers highlight flavors of the season: ginger, cranberry, and blood orange each infused into chocolate ganache. French praliné, triple chocolate almonds and a salted butter caramel elevate this box to classic status in taste and texture making it nothing short of sweet perfection. Enclosed with a tasting guide on flavor and country of origin (selections may change).

C. Chocolate’s BFF? Caramel.

8-piece: $20.00
10-piece: $25.00
12-piece: $30.00

We love this pairing so much we curated a box to highlight the variety that is achieved in the hands our master chocolatiers. Chewy, salty, creamy, buttery — you’ll experience it all in this mouth watering collection.

Chocolate Sommelier Limited Edition Collection

This collection is best enjoyed within three weeks.

D. Collection #906 (available December)

16-piece, 1/2-pound box: $48.00
32-piece, 1-pound box: $95.00

A world of fine chocolate is presented in this limited edition collection featuring bonbons from Italy, France and America’s best chocolatiers. The selection has been curated to offer a range of flavors and textures — from delicate to bold. You’ll find milk and dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh fruit pulps, marmalade, and cappuccino alongside fleur de sel caramel and single origin chocolate—classics with good reason!

E. Triple Play: 3 months of chocolate

Item B (single): $55.00 + shipping
Item B (double): $105.00 + shipping
Item D (1/2 lb): $150.00 + shipping

The recipient of this gift may actually look forward to winter when they realize chocolate will be arriving monthly. Choose from our Classic Bon Bon Assortment (item B) or the Limited Edition Collection (item D). Gift will ship in December, February, and April unless specified otherwise. Each shipment guarantees a new tasting experience from the prior gift.

F. Gift Certificates

Let them choose! Chocolate Sommelier gift certificates are available and come packaged with an artisan chocolate bar to get them started (optional).